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Get More For Less with GoSolo Calling Options

As a standard feature, all GoSolo plans bill usage on a pay-as-you-go basis. Meaning, anytime your GoSolo number is dialed your account will be charged a fixed rate (6.9 per minute, billed in 6 second increments) for that usage time. However, by adding a GoSolo Calling Option, you can save a bundle. To choose the Calling Option that’s right for you, take a moment to determine what kind of usage you will likely generate.

Not All Usage is the Same – What Type are You?
Promotional Hotline / Messaging (Inbound)

"I do a lot of marketing in my work and use GoSolo and my personal greeting as a way to help promote my business and screen prospects. The "unlimited" inbound calling option gives me the freedom to give my number out on a large scale and not worry about per minute charges. "

Inbound call activities are any
activity via a GoSolo number which
do not involve connected calls*:
GoSolo subscriber listening to voicemail, checking faxes, listening and responding to Email.
GoSolo subscriber creating and sending broadcast messages.
Non subscribers listening to GoSolo welcome greetings.
Non subscriber leaving voice messages via GoSolo.

By choosing to add an unlimited usage feature to your toll-free number or virtual office plan, you will be able to include your toll-free number on your marketing materials without worrying about the potential cost. Your prospects and clients will hear your custom greeting and have the option to leave you a voicemail, all without generating per minute fees on your account
Live Connected Calls

"As a consultant and small business owner, I need a way to attract new clients outside of my local area. A GoSolo toll-free number gives me a broader reach and a professional edge. My services are expensive, so my clients expect to reach me at anytime. When a client calls my GoSolo number, I want them connected to me wherever I am. Choosing the "unlimited" outbound calling option lets me take all my GoSolo calls for one low price."

Outbound call activities are any activity via a GoSolo number which involve connected calls*:
Connected calls initiated by a GoSolo subscriber via GoSolo Dial by Name or Dial by Number features.
Connected calls received by a GoSolo subscriber via GoSolo Call Forwarding, Find Me, or Whisper Call Waiting feature.

Outbound minute bundles benefit GoSolo users who spend a lot of time actively talking on the phone - both receiving and initiating calls. Start savings on your plan for as little as an additional $5 per month.

*All calling options are exclusive of Web Conferencing, Audio Conferencing and Outbound Faxing usage. Where applicable, this usage may be billed on a different unit basis and at a different rate. Bundled minutes do not rollover from month to month.
Need an unlimited toll-free number for your business? Our Go800 Toll-Free plan is just right for you.
Does your business need a complete virtual office with unlimited usage options? Start out with our  GoOffice plan.
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