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Add an 8XX toll-free number to your business

Go800 combines the simplicity of an 8XX toll-free number service with a professional answering service, without the large cost per minute. Go800 gives your business a professional appearance, reduces the amount of phone numbers you promote to one, while providing you the added security of not handing out your home or cell phone numbers. Plus, you can program your Go800 toll-free number to ring up to 9 different numbers to reach you. Our call screening feature allows you to hear who's calling you and only take the calls you want to take - send the rest to your enhanced voice mail system.

Add an 8XX toll-free number service to your business. Program your service to find you while you're out and locate you on the fly ... anywhere, anytime and at your convenience.
Features | Learn More
8XX Toll-Free Number - professional and private!
Professional Answering Service - talks to your callers
Phone/Web Inbox - check messages free online
Find Me - ring up to 9 numbers to find you
Call Screening - introduces your callers
Call Forwarding - forward your calls to any phone
Online Storage - 10 megabytes
Personal Greeting - 2 minutes

Benefits | Learn More
Avoid handing out your home and cell numbers
Adds a professional answering service to your business
Call History - even of callers that don't leave a message
Easy to setup and use - signup and get your Go800 toll-free number in minutes
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Base Plan Cost
$7.95 per month
Per Use Calling Rate
6.9 per minute

Calling Options/Rates

Cost/ Month
Min. Rate
Inbound Calling Option
Outbound Calling Options
No Annual Contracts
Calling options exclude Audio Conferencing usage.

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